About Us



About Us:
Hi! My name is Meredith Blair, and in 2019 I started Artruism Imports with a mission to bring ethically-made modern, fun, and affordable jewelry and gifts from the artist's hands into your hands! Our name is a portmanteau that stems from our love for both art and altruism (Artruism!)
Every creation we sell is handmade, Fair Trade, affordable, and beautiful!
Our Mission:
We aren't mathematicians, but we know that art + altruism= joy is our favorite equation. We believe that supporting the talented artisans who create the art you love + encouraging you to embrace your own unique style= a more beautiful, more joyful world. That's some excellent math.
Our Core Beliefs:
Love everyone.
Jesus has called us to love one another, and we live each day trying to love others better. We fail (a lot), but we believe as human beings that loving others genuinely is the most important thing we can do to make the world a happier place.
We are all artists.
We believe creativity takes many forms, and we believe that everyone has an inner artist- we all have creativity to contribute to the world! Our artists are incredibly talented, and many come from a long line of makers. That is why we call our jewelry and gifts "creations" and not "products" or "items"- we feel it better describes the work and talent that go into each and every piece of jewelry, hand-carved puzzle box, and hand-sewn bag we sell! 
The only good art is fair art.
Sadly, there are artists all around the world who work in insufferable conditions. Poor pay, dangerous working environments, slave labor, child labor- just to name a few. There are products sold in retailers that are created under these horrific circumstances. That is why we believe in fair trade. Buying fair trade ensures that each of these artists and artisans are paid a fair wage for their labor. It guarantees that these artists work in safe and healthy spaces. It provides them better access to education and healthcare, and allows them more time with their families. It gives them dignity and hope- two of our favorite things.
Altruism is awesome!
We believe that finding ways to uplift and advocate for others is one of the greatest things that we can do. We believe in listening to people who have been ignored and marginalized, so that we can do our best to use that knowledge to make the world a kinder, more wonderful place to be!
We're glad you are here!
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